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I'm 21 years old girl and have something wrong with my urinal muscle that makes me keep wetting my be at night sometimes. Its so fu*king tiring and stressful. Its also embarassing because i live with housemates. I feels like wanna cry, but my girlfriend said that its nothing biggie and i shouldnt waste my tears just because this problem. She is the only one person in this world who's never laugh at me.

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  • Most women have some sort of leakage. You would be the odd one out if you didn't. It's no big deal. Work on it and be prepared for accidents.

  • drink a lot of water and hold your pee during the day,should excercise your muscles. also,try some yoga vaccuming excercises. i knew a dude who was a yoga instructor and he said he had a girl with this problem a while ago. it cured her it's mainly due to weakness of the internall core muscles.

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