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My partner keeps messaging chicks he barely knows and I don't know what to do about it. I was on a night out a few nights ago, and then when I woke up to borrow his phone, he was still sleeping at this point, to fb message one of our mutual friends to a party later, I saw that the night before when I was out he had messaged like 5 girls he barely knew. Now I'm not being a Nazi or anything, he can have female fiends if they're actually his friends. It's the fact that he messaged these girls around midnight/ 1ish nothing dodgy tbf but conversation starters like 'Hey; how are you?' Not many of them replied but if they had properly talked then I wonder about the path this seemingly innocent message starter would have taken. Plus wtf would you message chicks you barely know in the first place, even if it's not sexual, it's really annoying. Some of these girls are chicks he went to school with the best part of a decade ago and never even spoke to then. It hurts that most of the girls he messaged are obviously attractive as well, yet if a guy messages me 'what's up?' then according to my partner, they obviously want to screw my brains out. After this shock revelation I checked his fb search history and a good 95% of his searches are for attractive girls he barely knows yet still has on his fb. How do I even deal with this, advice desperately needed please.

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  • I'd bring it up to him. It seems like he's still looking..

  • You want in? Or you want out? Up to you. like everything. You set your own bar for the behaviour you'll accept. He's obviously looking at the minimum for some wank fodder. Is that ok with you? if not, vamooooose.

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