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My boyfriend and I reached a dead-end. Everytime I tell him anything he doesn`t like, he gets mad at me. He wants me to tell him when some guy hits on me, yet everytime I told him, he got mad at me. And I`m in no way provoking anyone. I always dress plain and simple. Jeans, Converse, a T-shirt. I can`t even remember the last time I wore a dress. So it`s not like I`m "asking for it". Every time I told him about a guy hitting on me, he got mad at me. He yelled and ignored me until he felt better. So I finally lost it and told him I`m not going to tell him about it anymore. Well, he threatened to dump me. Seems like I have a choice: either I tell him and endure his tantrums, or I don`t tell him and get ready for the break-up. I think I might choose the break-up... his attitude is really-really starting to piss me off.

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  • He is going through something and he's just using the excuse that "guys are hitting on you" as an outlet for his anger. Or he feels guilty about Something he did & by you telling him about guys hitting you lets him twist everything around to be your fault & not his. And then I Could Be Completely wrong & he might need a diaper Change and a pacifer & A warm Blankie. :), I've been dealing with Someone Worse than that for a long time now.

  • Honey you are way too good for him

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