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There is one thing that is always on my mind...seeing married couples got tired of each other..cheating on each other or husband cheating on wife or the other way around ...i wonder if there is forever love..that you would love someone forever..never get tired or sick of them...why people say love is a chemical reaction and it will fade away....then what is the purpose of loving someone if it's merely a chemical reaction. I chose to believe that.. I will love someone till the day I cease to exist in this world because I love him.

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  • It exists, but it is rare. Till death do you part was the norm at one point. Only childish Kardashians have ruined it. Stay strong, find someone like you who believes till death is till death. It is worth it.

  • sorry in advance for the long comment ;-) there are two kinds of love. the chemical love you speak of that cannot be helped and the one that comes afterwards, i call it the chosen love. i can only speak for myself and maybe someone thinks differently about that matter. for me the chosen love is when you choose to hold on to the other person when you see her/him clearly for the first time (when the blindness of love is gone). when you feel that this other person completes you (in terms of character, dreams, expectations, just everything that matters to you). it requires a lot of compromise everyday because you should base all your decisions on the wellbeing of two people and not just yourself. many people fail at that because they put themselves first at some point regardless of what the other person feels. i guess it was easier for older people because they were basically told "you marry that guy/girl at 20 and then you have to stay together forever, the man earns the money and the woman stays home and doesn't have a vote in anything important". but today the roles aren‘t fixed. men and women are allowed to do everything they want and many people expect the perfect life where they get everything they want and the perfect partner who does everything they want "because they‘re allowed to it". and thats where they will wreck each other. "he said he would do this and that and he never did" "she said she would never do that and then she did it either way". for my part i chose to be with the man i love forever. i don't know if this will work out in the end, of course it could happen that one day he choses not to be with me, or i get run over by a bus or whatever. but i know that i am not scared of the future knowing that we will help each other building that future together and i will hold on to that.

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