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I never thought it was possible for any man to break the wall that I had built around my heart after my ex of 4 years cheated on me. I never thought just a simple dating app could bring in the perfect man I've always needed. But it happened. We got close very quickly. I actually fell in love with him. Putting aside my ego and pride, I confessed my love to him, but noting the fact that I just love him with all my heart, but I'm still not ready to be in a committed relationship. Now he talks less with me. I feel like he's avoiding me. Like I sounded desperate when I told him I love him.

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  • If you love him, then you should be ready to give him fair chance to be the man you've always dreamed of. Telling him that you love him, but you don't want to be with him isn't something that help either one of you. You'll feel like he's drifting away and he feels like he isn't man enough to be your significant other.

  • There. They say we love it when women confess first to us. We do it, and their attitude change

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