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I have a serious relationship for the very first time and I'm so insecure when it comes bout contacting him. Is one message a day too much? He always replies immediately and also texts me first a lot, so it doesn't seem to annoy him, but I don't want to be to clingy... We see each others like 3 times a week, I'd love to see him more often

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  • Talk to him! Tell him your insecurities! Ask him how he feels like when you text him and if one msg per days is much.. DO it, girl! (:

  • Omg... Im in my first relationship and I wish my girlfriend would text me often all day. Like, I want to hear from her all the time because I love her, but I guess she might be affraid of being too clingy. I usually text her first 1-2 times a day, once in the morning to tell her how much I love her, and once at night to ask how her days been. I worry about being clingy too, but if you're with someone who truely wants to be with you it shouldnt matter how much you text them.

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