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I don't understand why guys can't cuddle without looking gay. Girls do it all the time, why can't guys?

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  • It's gay faggot, get over it. The explanation to it is gay is way longer than anyone want to write here, it's the devolpment of our minds through ages and time that make up these things. And yes, if you differ from these thoughts that most people have you are a fucking weirdo, or a faggot in your case. That's how the world in the human mind works, the explanation behind the mind isn't here yet so for now you're just a faggot who tries to convince yourself that you're not. Good luck in this world with that mindset, fit in or get "shot down" by others and have fun with your few close friends and hate the world. Faggot.

  • why you want to cuddle with a guy ?

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