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To any of you saying "I want someone to love me just the way I am" and proceed to look for them by staying behind a computer all day. It's not going to happen. A lot of fat guys won't settle for a fat girl, and poor uneducated girls won't settle for anything less than a professional. That's cool. that's your right. However you get what you advertise for. Sometimes you need to hold yourself to a high standard and make yourself the type of person that the person you want to date would be attracted to. Follow your dreams, get a nice outfit, stay fit. Once you find that person you will probably work even harder to be better person. Because the right person, at least in my experience, doesn't push you to be a better person, they inspire you to be a better person. They make you dream outlandish dreams again and give you the courage to chase them. I know it's hard because I remember when I was alone and depressed I could barely drag myself out of the house. But that's where your hope lays. You have to try.

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  • I totally agree.

  • People ask me the same question all the time: how do I attract someone? I tell them two things. 1. Bathe! Being clean is not an option. It is a MUST. and 2. Invest in yourself. Have interests to be interesting. Strive to better yourself for yourself and others.

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