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I've been boarding for eight years now in the UK, and it has created an odd relationship with my parents and I. I started when I was eight years old, and when I started , after about four months I became incredibly homesick. I cried a lot, but so did a lot of the other boys there, many nights in those dorms I seem to remember one being sent off to the matron, his face draped with tears. I phoned my Mother on the payphone they had all the time; and I begged her to take me out. The place was terrible. So many rules so many curfews. Nothing happened, but I made a decision to dissociate myself with my parents. I stopped loving and liking them since then. And eight years later, it still is an odd moment, where my parents are far happier to see me than I am to see them. I never argue or get on with them, I just put a facade up that seems like I had a good time. I love boarding school now, was I indoctrinated, am I bad for not loving my parents?

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  • Fuck them I would get as far away as possible and get them out of your life

  • You felt rejected and put up walls to separate you from your parents, because they sent you away. Distancing yourself is a normal and healthy defence mechanism, it prevents you from getting hurt. You could change it if you wanted to, by talking to them and reestablishing a connection. But if you don't want to, that is perfectly ok.

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