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I just love when people say it's all about big boobs! I used to love big boobs also and prayed to God to have them one day, but that was before the puberty deformed my life. O, yes - I was blessed to turn from ugly duckling into a well-endowed young woman during those years, but now I have more problems with my self-esteem than I had when I was the ugliest kid on the school (not a lie - I really was). Now I cannot wear baggy clothes (because it hangs from my boobs and hides my waist, so everyone thinks I'm either very messy or very pregnant), nor can I wear normal clothes (because I look like a porn-star). I can't wear anything without looking absolutely absurd, so even in summer you can see me only in wide shirts and never in tops. Swimming? No way! God, last time I've checked, there were no swimming suits that fitted my size. I don't even go out, because I don't know what to wear in order not to look like a whore. My own mother even told me - after a plain green t-shirt was put on my cursed frame! - that I look like a prostitute and that she's prepaired to raise a bloody credit in local bank to pay for my boob-reduction. At that time I thought her idea insane (I thought I had to accept my body as it is), but lately I began to reconsider it, since I started to detest what I once found to be most perfect part of me. In a year or two, when I gather enough courage, I'm going to have small boobs decorated with scars, because I cannot make peace with world in which people are judged based on their cup-size.

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  • that's all in your head,no one is judging you that much no matter what clothes you wear,people simply don't care THAT much about your life.. get over it.

  • You don't look absurd, I promise. You can find ways to dress your body nicely - baggy (ish) jumpers with a belt around your waist? Fitted t-shirts? Your mother is a judgemental bitch if she dare say that to you. You shouldn't be judged on your body shape like that, it's ridiculous. It's your body, don't slut shame yourself for having large breasts, that doesn't make any sense. (Slut shaming and shaming sex workers is also bad and don't do that.)

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