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Feel like a failire not good at school not good at work all my frinds having lovers and kids enjoying life, no beauty no health on this matter lactose intolerant with ibs and iron deficiency, with an average everything... I just lost hope ...like I started creating scenaeios in my head and feel pretty pathetic. And for the friendship level not so good not so bad ...feel so lonely...whats wrong with me, my meaner and uglier have lovers, why more stupid and rude have great jobs and degrees... what is wrong with me that I just had one boyfriend in my whole life and people found love at 24 and got kids and no one comes talk to me...I am not ugly or a 10 just average, average woman....cant take it anymore I went from hope to this state of mental misery..need help

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  • Iron deficiency sounds like nutrition problem-easily fixed, lactose intolerance everyone will eventually have that, unless you "train" yourself by drinking very small amounts of milk and slowly increase the amount every day so you grow the digestive enzymes but its pointless since yogurt is much more nutritious. so those are problems that are easily fixed. as for looks are you out of shape? then you need to hit the gym. Lonley? what kind of people are you around? are they in your age group? have similar interests? then obviously your making it difficult on yourself. do you put yourself in social opportunities, ie do u have a job? cant? then volunteer. Dont sit and hide yourself away, thats not going to fix anything is it? as for other people, just ignore them. So what if they're rude and obnoxious, stay away form them, i bet you many are doing that probably already. These people find out no one likes the hard way eventually but nice ones like you will always win out.Base don watching my grandfather be polite and nice to all and keeping his head calm in everything...his funeral had people queuing out the door

  • become a drug lord. i mean if ain't doing anything with your life you might as well go down swingin on a really cool way.

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