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My boyfriend just said that he loves me, I couldn't say it back because I don't feel any kind of affection towards other people.

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  • I feel sorry for your boyfriend... the poor guy loves you but isn't loved by you. if you can't love him, then let him go and find a girl who can. he deserves that. if you can't let him go, maybe you DO love him.

  • You never know what the future holds. During the first 6 months of my relationship we were sharing a flat and had sex constantly. He cared for me so much, but at the time I felt nothing for him. My heart was broken by a man before him and I didn't believe I will ever love or thrust anyone. I tried breaking up with him several times during that period and honestly told him my soul feels empty and I don't feel butterflies in my tummy. One night he didn't come home and didn't call, I freaked out and realised I loved him deeply. Did I learn to love him? What happened - I don't know; but 9 years later I am still with him. We got married 2 years ago, bought a house last month and are planning to have a baby. We have never cheated on each other and never spent more than a week apart. Our love grows. You never know what the future holds :)

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