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When I was living with my dad in Iowa, I met a girl around my age. She was really cool and had the same interests as me. I pretty much immediately started liking her. So we started talking and texting and stuff as friends. About a month later I confessed my feelings for her. At first she didn't know what her feelings were for me. In the next few weeks of talking to her, she tells me that she really likes me as well. There was only one problem in the situation. I was moving back to MN, while she was moving to Canada. We had made an agreement that if we still liked eachother by the time we saw eachother again that we would officially date. This didn't happen though. About three months later while talking to her over Facebook she told me that she now only thought of me as a friend. This broke my heart because she was the only girl that I had ever opened my heart up to. This caused me to fall into a massive suicidal depression that, while greatly lessened, I haven't gotten out of. A secondary effect of this was that I flat out rejected a few girls who I had interest in when they confessed to me because I never wanted to take the chance of having my heartbroken again. Another addition to this is that I am actually still in love with her and it kills me to know that she is seeing someone. I still haven't had a girlfriend to this day.

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  • Don´t only see the negative sides my friend. Yes your heart got broken. I know how it feels. Still you found someone you can open to. it was great, wasn´t it ? Open your Mind again and i am convinced you can find somebody who will be there for you. Many of us have been at this stage. And we all have to stand up again :)

  • I'm gonna prescibe you a pair of testicles.

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