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Currently I am in a monogamous relationship with a man. I've previously been with women in same sex monogamous relationships, and I really love the person I'm with, very much. And we finally work together (we've been together two years). For some reason though I'm always thinking about sex with women (and some men) and I feel awful because I feel like I'm objectifying women just because I can't stop thinking about sex. I know it's not because I'm a lesbian because I love the person I'm with and I like their genitalia (almost) just the same. But I'm questioning if maybe I'm poly amorous and I need more. I don't dare let myself get close enough to other people to fall in love with them, but I know I probably could if I let myself and it wouldn't change how I feel about my current partner. I'm just a whole complicated mess of questions. I'm glad I can air this out.

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  • maybe sugest a threesome? he'll probably be happy and you will get some pussy, win win

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