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I've had bulimia for 7 years. I am disgusted by my body and get angry just seeing pictures of perfection on the internet/tv/news. Its me with the problem, and I know if I don't sort it, it will destroy me and my family.

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  • I got an idea how you may sort it out, everytime you do anything, wheter you go to the toilet, wheter you go watch TV or wheter you go to the fridge for something to eat, do some physical exercise, it doesn't have to be much 10-20 pushups or situps are definitely sufficient. I'm used to weight about 80kg which with my bodyweight would be a BMI of slightly more than 26, since I've started doing this two weeks ago I lost about 4-5kgs and I'm slowly but surely actually getting skinny.

  • i love your body :D

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