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My boyfriend of 4 years left me for an old friend of mine, needless to say I was insanely jealous. After a year of being sad about it I met another man and thought I had moved on…until about 2 months ago when I saw them my ex and her together looking really happy. When I got home that evening I set up a honeytrap for him. The honeytrap worked and he attempted to start a secret relationship with her. When his girlfriend found out she was heartbroken and threw him out of the house. I would have felt great except for the fact that I later found out she was pregnant and now her baby will grow up without a dad.

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  • Life goes on

  • Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. You just showed the fact that he was a dirtbag. Don't feel bad. Sooner or later he would've just cheated on her. You just revealed it earlier.

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