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a lot of girls have told me : << When i broke up with my boyfriend, do you want to become new boyfriend?>> this has happened quite some times. when they broke up, nothing happens between them and me. I dont get why they would say this to me, what it means and what i should do. am i just a good friend, or something else i dont understand. pls comment your opinion, it will hopefully help

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  • Those girls will probably not EVER be your girlfriends. People who do that are only afraid of being alone after a relationship, so they like to "keep people warm" in case they need them. (I don't know if this phrase means the same in English, so sorry if it doesn't make that much sense.) It means they only see you as a back up. And that is never a working base for a relationship (also, would YOU like to be together with someone who already looks for another guy while you are still a couple?) I know people like that, and most of them have cheated in every relationship they had and behave like sluts whenever they're single. If you actually love one of the girls who does that to you, maybe you should tell her to really break up if she likes you, but don't just wait and be their back up option if they tell you stuff like this. (I can use the "Keep someone warm" reference to specify it: Imagine they see guys as steaks. They like their steak medium rare, and that is what their boyfriend is. But then they see you and think: "Hey, that's a steak I might like. Better start cooking it before anyone else takes it." They throw you on the grill (When I break up, do you want to be my boyfriend), just so no one else takes the steak. But when they are done with their boyfriend-steak, you are already well done and they decide, after all, that they would rather not eat that steak.) I hope I don't sound like a cannibalistic weirdo :) What I am trying to say is, you should not be together with someone just to have a relationship. Look for a girl that will be happy with you and not already look around for the next guy. And love is a good thing too :D Good luck.

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