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people don't understand that it's just not about them, they put themselves in tricky situations just because they think they are just so important, and if you tell them the truth in their face, that they are not the center of everything and their decisions, doubts and opinions will not make any difference if they keep shoving it down our throaths without us even saying a word, they'll not believe you, or just will ignore you and focus on keep talking about themselves, finding a way of making a conversation go their way without even trying to be subtle, but is worst when they try, 'cause they just can't pretend they are not thinking of ways of flattering themselves and give massages to their egos, it's writting on their face, all the time.

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  • dont be around such people iknow its no easy my best friend since 12 is exactly like that. after 18 i went to univercity and i got my eyes open by reality. i still care about him but i cant hang out with him alone any more, i cant stand him at all.

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