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After having a relationship for almost a year my bf tells me that he have had troubles with his heart a few years ago and his work right now gives him chestpains and hard to breath. I'm so worried and scared, I am afraid he will get sick or worse, he is my soulmate and I love him more than anything. I don't belive in a god, but at moments like this I want too. Please don't take my love away from me.

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  • I know you can't make him, but suggest he sees a Doctor ASAP. I lost my love to a brain aneurysm, and everyday I wish I would've taken heed of some warning signs he presented. He would probably still be alive if I had urged him to get help. I miss him every day. And he won't ever come back. So help your love get the attention he needs now or you may find yourself asking "what if?"... Every single day of your life without him.

  • My husband had the same, and I made him see a doctor. He has an enlarged heart, and brags to this day that I saved his life.

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