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I was working two jobs to support me and my girlfriend of 2yrs, she loved luxury and i loved her, we decided to have a child baby girl whom i love more than anything in the world, i had to work overtime to make more and had to guve up eating dinner to sve for the hospital expenses while my girlfriends business was still picking up. She gave birth november 21 last year, on dec, 25 2013 i came home and was alone, i went to her house to find that she had a boyfriend of 10yrs and that i was used so that they could have a child because the guy couldnt fertilze her. She broke up with me, took my daughter, removed me from the birth certificate and sued me for thretening them. I was held in prison for a week for the trial because i was reported for harassment because i wanted to see my daughter, i lost my jobs went broke all my family are in different countries and im alone, i missed my daughter's first everything, birthday xmas teeth steps word, my baby calls someone else daddy, i have nothing left i have an injury fron my c3 to c7 spianl column that clipped nerves and in constant pain, my deoression caused my hearts left ventricle to start missfiring so i have heart problems now too, and this xmas my daughter and her new family is leaving the country and ive been blocked from all accounts and numbers and have no way of finding the.. All i want forxmas is to see my daughter and i wont be able to, i plan on killing myself on xmas day.

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  • Don't kill yourself but dang that fucking sucks what a cunt!?

  • Please don't kill yourself there is a future you just can't see it yet. If you kill yourself then you will have given up on your daughter for her sake don't do it xxx

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