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I'm not usually a sexual guy, but ever since I turned 30 my mind has been focused on having sex as much as possible. I even went as far as to leave my fiance so I can hook up with as many women possible. So far it has been nearly 12 women, but it's coming down to me wanting to be back worth my ex fiance. Yes, I know what I did was horrible.

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  • i believe if you find the one person you wont cheat. i dont say you wont see another girls ass or flirt, but even if you do you wont do anything more than that because you just dont want to/feel like to proceed further with someone except the one you really love. if you dont feel that way then keep looking. but dont be an as$h@le hurting girls that might have feelings for you, thats not something to be proud of.

  • well it's done now,just try to fuck more women to get your ex out of your mind. the concept of not experiencing life and being unable to meet people just because you are in a relationship is stupid. whenever i'm dating a girl i cheat as much as possible,it's natural,it wasn't me who made me this way,it was nature and nature is wise.

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