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I am happily taken by one of the greatest guys ever. Smart, funny, great in bed, and yet I cannot for the life of me stop talking to my eye candy man friend who seems me pictures. Compared to my boyfriend, this guy is to hot for his own good. I find myself wanting to talk to him more than my boo since he always sends me pics.

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  • and pls stop saying boo

  • it is your fault if he sends you pics, yo allowed that, that is why we the rest of women get jerks cause you broke their heart, stop it , there is not such thing as a man friend sending so much pictures he is not in for friendship and you you re about to make the biggest mistake of your life, dont forget your man chose you over hotter , maybe smarter , and richer women so stop this devil befre you loose everything cause eyecandy are not known for husbandhood, and the one eyecandy you got is a bad man if he knows you re in couple doing this is so wrong, good luck fellow no one is perfect act before its too late

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