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When my last relationship ended, it left me in pieces. I gave her everything, but eventually long distance wasn't enough for her. As a result, my most trusted friends left so they didn't have to deal with me, and in my confusion, I systematically started having physical relations with all the new people I met and trusted with helping me. If I go too long without sleeping with someone (about a week), I start to remember how much I loved her, and I get really depressed and I can't sleep, I just keep thinking about her and the guy she left me for. I still love her.

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  • Happen to me too... time does not heal, but it help you get used to the situation... think about it like u will get something better with time, and u must believe it

  • i got in and out of job for the past 2 years and still remain broke and hopeless. i tried working out but without a stable full time job it is pretty hard. maybe i should seek help from the professional OTL

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