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yet another argument wiht my parents, im seroiously getting sick of this...i mean i can understand if it was me acting like a child or saying "its my life" or some childish crap like that but when i try to have a simple conversation and he starts talking crpa about something else and then my mentally challenged mother come sin talking about some other crap that just confuses the whole issue then i just igve up. I dont even know what to do anymore. Im in college na ddepend on them for financial and home support but if its goign to be like this then im just going to quit, find a job and then move out. It will be hell and ill have to give up my dream but i can ttake it anymore. Worse thing is, i know life is cruel and the last thing i want to do is give my parents stress but they are just really driving me mad

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  • finsh college, then get a job and a room to stay away. thats what i did

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