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I was at school once and it was nightime already,then i started talking with these 2 girls,both of them were really pretty,one was a redhead and the other was a blonde,the blonde one was just so nice,we were talking and really getting along,the redhead was cute too but she was kinda boring,anyway after a while the blonde girl sugested we bought some wine and go to a park next to the school,and smoke some weed too. them when we got there we sat on a bench,the blonde girl was looking at me and she sat on the far end of the bench,and she was smilling at me so i was about to sit next to her and the redhead girl just rushed in front of me and asked me to sit next to her,i didn't want to say ''i wanna sit next to your friend,not you'' because i didn't wanna be rude,so i sat anyway,we started talking and smoking and the redhead was flirting with me a lot,we got kinda drunk and really high and i ended up kissing her because she was getting really annoying with all the flirting,and i could see the blonde girl was uncomfortable with the whole thing so i just gave the redhead that one kiss and nothing more. it was late by then so they went home,the blonde girl gave me her number back at the school when we met but i think she was mad for me kissing her friend,so she didn't answered my text the next day,i take a look at her fb profile sometimes to see her ,and she's just so interesting and beautiful. i wish we could cross our paths one more time on the street to see how she would react,it would mean the world to me for her to go out on a date,i would love to know her better. i'm injuried now from a crash so i can't really do much but i'm just 1 or 2 months away from a full recovery,i think i gonna ask her out one more time then. wish me luck.peace

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  • Didn't read lol

  • You made a wrong decision, keep trying hard and she will forgive you

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