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I dated a girl for six months and fell madly in love with her. We met in April of 2014, and just like her love for me flourished like the spring, it faded just like summer. Corny? Yeah, I know. Anyway, It was October when she told me she didn't love me anymore. I was completely devastated. I had never loved someone as much as I loved her. After a couple months of agonizing depression, I remembered a time when she admitted to me about how she used to traffic drugs for a time up until January of 2014. She claimed she was almost detected by police and stopped her criminal activity shortly thereafter. The thing is, she still loved to smoke pot and drink heavily, which I found repulsive. She had told me she was going to quit drinking and smoking when I told her she was better than that. She had been addicted to a pile of other hard drugs a few years before but quit to raise her daughter. She lived with her father and sister along with her daughter. All the adult occupants of the home drank heavily every day and did all sorts of drugs. I found that disgusting for two reasons: 1) A four year old child lives there and is exposed to that extremely unhealthy environment (second hand cigarette/marijuana/godknowswhatelse smoke, alcohol, drunken behavior, etc.) and 2) The mother (my ex) is supposed to be this sweet little Christian who dedicated her life to Christ but still likes to abuse substances (and, as I later discovered, cheat on her fiance {me}). As you might have already guessed, I later found out she was cheating on me with somebody else. Oh, but not just anybody else! The biological father of her daughter (her ex); the man who had recently been charged with trafficking cocaine and assault. She left me, a man who doesn't drink or do drugs and has a good job and honest life, for that piece of shit. I was livid. She revealed many more terrible things from her past toward the end of our relationship that truly shocked me. My feelings of guilt and heartbreak soon turned to anger and lust for revenge. And so one night I hopped on my computer and wrote an anonymous tip to the respective police agency about her recent criminal activity (that's right, the selling drugs thing). So far, I have no idea as to how that's going to play out. But what I do know is I am going to have the last laugh when that bitch is crying in her jail cell wishing she had never touched drugs (and that she had never broken my heart). Some might think this is shallow and low of me, but truly don't give a rat's ass. No one breaks my heart and gets away with it.

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  • For the 4 yo child you sure did the right thing!!! Good Job!

  • Wow. You're both fucked up individuals.

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