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A guy I met about a year and a half ago is amazing. He would do anything for me and we honestly did love each other. We dated for about 9 months and it was great. Course the fights occasionally but still great. I had to break up with him because his jealousy got out of hand and I couldnt deal with the accusations and fights. But this guy realizes all he does wrong and makes up for it continuously but it happens again. I know he still loves me regardless of how confusing and hard headed I am and actually understands and will put up with my sh*t. I just don't know how to stay with him through all of this because he's not all perfect either.

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  • He won't change but he can learn to trust you. It'll take a lot of convincing and if he loves you so much then he will learn to be mannered when he gets jealous. True love can't be broken. Good luck.

  • He will not change, OP. This doesn't sound like a good relationship at all.

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