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My parent's practically disowned me because I moved out, moved in with a respectable man and chose to live my life. I did well in high school, got accepted to prestigious colleges, had decent friends, no drugs/alcohol/unwanted pregnancies. But it seems like no matter what I do, I'm never good enough. They blatantly favor my 8 year old sister, had between my stepmom and my father, and they've just removed me from their life, regardless of how many times I attempt to reach out to them. Not only did they take away my brand new car (a gift for college, since 4 year universities are too expensive) but they stopped paying for my core college classes (everything else I paid for, working 43 hours a week as a barista) I was doing so well in college, and my boyfriend is in the military, he and his family are amazing, but now they look at me like I'm a disgrace. I work my ass off to pay my bills, have a good, clean home and now to add salt to the wound, they've moved across the country, and I'm no longer able to speak to, or see my younger sister. This is the Christmas Day that I'll cry and regret everything, even though I've done nothing but try to make them proud as a daughter.

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  • Let them go. You deserve better. Focus on your life. You will never be good enough for them, no matter what you do. Sad to hear you have such shitty parents. Be proud, poster. you have already accomplished a lot.

  • cut them off your parents are controlling and toxic and in modern times lots of people create surrogate families and ditch the shitty ppl we had to tolerate to survive our childhoods.

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