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I want to go in the army as I think it is important to see different places of the world in different situations so we won't take anything for granted.. But I am Dutch, with different school system, and skipped a class so I am with people who are 1/2 years older than me at the same school and everyone just thinks I am too smart to do such a stupid thing but in fact I would want it.

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  • i'm also from holland, i want to enlist for (ofiicier infanterie) but everybody thinks i'm too smart for the army, so they blame me for wanting something way below my capabilities. dont do what is expected, just do what feels right for you man

  • Im Belgium, 24 jears old and have a stable officejob. in 2 Weeks i take the physicle test for entering the army. I guess i get less paid bud that's something i always wantet to doo.... so good Luck!

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