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i started college to bette rmyself and give myself an education. Im 33 and never had any kind of a relationship with a woman. Ive more or less given up on romance but i find it especially difficult to be around young 18-22 year old girls that college i full off.I become incredibly depressed, mostly because it serves as a reminder of how when i was that age i never had anyone interested in me and was a lonely loser. I still am but now i feel like a creep. It sucks so much. All i want is to focus on my study and get out of there without feeling so sad.

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  • You are not the only one your age going to college. Look around for a woman your age who is also trying to get a good education.

  • You don't want to be in a relationship with girls that young anyway. Most are drama driven girls or too immature. So try dating websites or going out and try different hobbies to meet women your own age.

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