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The names here are not our real names, but I'll use them to explain it better. Call me Aaron, my sister is Amanda. My cousins are Charles and Christie, and they're also brother and sister. We grew up together because we were neighbors during our childhood and teen years. Charles and I are the same age, Amanda and Christe are 2 years younger than us. When I was 17, my grandpa passed away. The night of the funeral my cousins, sister and I cried ourselves to sleep on eachother's embrace. Next morning we woke up around the same time, and we just kept sharing the bed and the mournful, respectfulpened 20 ye, comforting silence. This hapars ago. Life goes on, and we're all married, living each in a different city, but we keep in touch all the time through the internet. Last week most of the family gathered in a reunion to celebrate what would have been the 100th aniversary of my grandpa. The four of us could meet in person for the first time in 8 years. We talked a lot, and when we could get a little time alone, I said to them that I never felt as connected to any other human being as I feel to them. They all said that they feel the same. And the most amazing thing ever, we're all getting our first sons/daughters around the same time, as my wife, Charles' wife, Amanda and Christie are pregnant. We're now thinking of moving to the same city, and if possible to the same neighborhood to raise our kids together.

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  • thats the sweetest story ever!! ignore the stupid comments. u guys r a perfect example of a happy life

  • you should all have had an orgy, then you would have felt even closer

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