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I weigh 270 and I've always been only considered as the "fat best friend" to the guys that I really liked and it sucks. It kind of pisses me off that each guy said that I am very pretty and have an amazing personality, but never wanted to be with me romantically lol god I hate ppl

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  • yeah,men should force themselves to fuck you just to make you happy inside your own fat body. go fuck yourself

  • Then just lose weight. Stop fucking bitchibg about it and stop making other people the problem! You wanna know the truth why a guy says your pretty but doesnt want to fuck you: a guy doesnt want to be with someone who can roll over and crush him to death, a guy doesn't want a women who's shirts can fit him like a queen size blanket, a guy doesnt want a girl who sits around all day shoveling food into her mouth, a guy doesnt want a girl who cant even climb one step without getting out of breath, a guy doesn't want to feel like he's climbing on a mountain every time he fucks you, a guy doesnt want to wonder if he's hitting the whole or your belly button, a guy doesn't want a girl who can take a shower and still smell like shit two seconds later, a guy doesn't want a girl who's thights and ass look like mashed potatos. Dont come on here and make your guy friends as the bad people just because they dont want you. Do you really think just because you have a pretty face they would want you? Point that finger back at yourself because you wouldn't fuck a guy who weight 270. Yeah think about that one. When you see a guy that fat you may think he's cute but I bet the same reasons I mentioned are the same reasons you wouldn't fuck him. You want a skinny guy for the same reasons a guy wants a skinny girl. Shut your judging mouth, stop making your friends look like bad people, and lose weight if you really want to fuck them.

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