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I am 22 and I weigh 79 Kilos. I started being bulimic 3 weeks ago, because I tried to get down from 82 kilos and nothing would help, excersize dieti etc. They told me it is quite normal that your body sometimes needs to stabilize and you cant loose weight in that time, but I am tired of being fat and overweight I have been my whole life, my fattest times were with 104 kilos like hell. No I would like to stop Bulimia, because It did go on but I fear my metabolism is messed up and I am afraid to eat and keep it. I only go puke if I ate something like chips or something like that, If I eat healthy I do not. But I am still terrified

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  • oh you tried excersize and dieting and it didn't work? so you're saying that you magically broke multiple laws of physics and chemistry? go fuck yourself you lazy cunt. you didn't exercise or did a diet right,cheating,undisciplined fuck. puke your liver out for all i care the world doesn't need another lazy fuck like you.

  • why the hell do you eat the chips then. there is this little thing called self control.

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