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2 years ago in my first year of upper secondary school, there was this one guy in my class. He was so nice, sweet, funny, easy to talk to and it was never awkward between us. People did often joke about that we were a couple (even the teacher thought there was something going on between us), and one of our mutual friends told me that he had told her that he liked me. And my crazy way of thinking let it lead to that i didn't find him attractive (and i was scared because i have never had a boyfriend before and what my other friends would think of him.) That was things started to get awkward. When i tried to get closer to him but at the same time tried to keep the distance. Long story short, I did ruin everything. Now he has a girlfriend and i haven't seen him in over a year. I miss him really bad, and i regret that we did stop talking.

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  • Sorry, OP. You were young and didn't know better. Most real wisdom comes at the price of stuff like this. The next time you have a good thing going on, you will know.

  • yeah,you found a way to complicate the simplest thing on the world.

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