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i have a relationship of 5 years with my bf who's older than me (7 years) im scared cause i think i'm wasting my life and losing a lot for being with him ;(

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  • special relationships clearly like the one your in do not come around that often. you can go ahead and ruin possibly one of the greatest things thats ever happened to you or you can work through it like any couple who loved each other would. it doesn't take much to sit down civilly and talk about your problems with some one you genuinely care for and love.

  • Love it, change it or leave it. If you can't love the situation and the relationship you're in, try to change it. talk to your partner about it. I had doubts about my relationship too a while ago. talking can really help. but if it doesn't help, and he doesn't understand what you're searching for, leave him. By wasting your life, you're also wasting his life.

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