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in my religion, we worship Lucifer. Before you say anything about satanism and this kind of shit, stop. We don't kill people. We're not like these hypocrites who believe all the lies. Our Bible says that Michel and Lucifer were twins and Michael put the blame for all the evil things he did on Lucifer their father believed him because Michael was his favourite. We believe that Lucifer is good, he is the one true light to guide us all. And whenever I'm asked about my religion, I have to lie because I work in a kindergarten and I'd be fired. But I can't hide who I am

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  • You shouldn't be exposing kids to religion that early, no matter what you believe.

  • as long as you don't harm people or be angry about them for not sharing your opinion, everythings gonna be ok. That to be said to ALL religions. And i hope that you can tell them one day!

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