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I fu*king hate my boyfriend's ex girlfriend so much that her name is like that bad guy from Harry potter "whom shal not be named" but every time she friend request him i block her for her to magically get unblocked! & i wouldn't hate her so much if she didn't talk shit to me & try to make me be her best friend when i only met her when me & him first started dating 3 years ago. & its every year sometimes i think its him but then my boyfriend is like i haven't seen or talked to her like i didn't ask if you did i asked if you unblocked the bitch. I think he's cheating i really do.is that a guilty mind or what?

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  • he is cheating. confront him and if he changes the subject then give him an ultimatum. then if you need to leave him

  • you sound really mad,and yeah he's most likely cheating on you. just don't kill the guy or something

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