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I wish that I can live on my own... I really can't stand my parents, especially my mom, no matter what I do for her, she'll always says mean things to me whenever I am not around, I am already 24 and can't live on my own, has a curfew of 5 pm, and always seen as the lazy one, while I do the chores almost everyday, she's seriously annoying, she also holds grudges, and one time I want to go out with friends and have an overnight, she lies down the sofa and pretends she's having a high blood because of me, sure she really is hypertensive, but you can see that she's faking it, and I know it because I knew her. She never let me go out with friends, she never want me to be with guy friends, in short she's a woman full of grudge,hate and everything, and I can't talk back because I will be the cause of her death as what she said.

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  • Sign up for college across the country. Live in a dorm room? Work part time to pay tuition. Pick any major.

  • your an adult just get a job or move in with a friend until you do

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