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If someone didn't contact you for a year and suddenly appear in front of you and tell you she loves you.. will you be terrified???? I can't keep my feelings to myself anymore...I still think of my crush every single day even though we have gone our separate ways for almost a year now... I just can't convince myself I will fall in love again unless I let go of him..but please..can someone just give me some advice?? I know this is annoying but I just don't know what to feel and what to do.. he was in love with one of my good friends..and another good friend of mine had a crush on him during high school too... This is just crap crap crap.

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  • start talking to him again,going out and stuff. i love you'' all of a sudden will be creepy

  • Say you like him and invite him to dinner or coffe. I wouldn't drop the "L" bomb until you've been dating for at least a month.

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