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Everyone is saying my life is perfect when it is far from that .I am a year away from my gcses and im a* in every subject which puts pressure on me to maintain those high grades. I also have a lot of "friends" but no one I can ever talk to, my ex boyfriend has his mind set on trying to ruin my school life (whilst I am not acting like a child , but moving on). When I was with him , he made me beleive that if I didn't do what he wanted then he would cheat on me... and he ended up giving me anal (even though I pleaded him not to)... and he ended up cheating on me anyway!! My parents are constantly away doing charity work, yet I'm not allowed to go out with my friends when I'm home. I have no social life besides leauge (of legends), which makes school a lot harder. To top things off , I'm in love with a guy who lives the other side of the world and my feelings are screwed up enough as it is from the last guy.

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  • Give me your summoner name plz :) I'll keep u company

  • you're so fine that you're making up suffering. your life is easy,try to get some perspective before you say your life is hard

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