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i don't see how feminists or feminazis could affect my life in any way (i'm male 19) i'm not a rapist or something and i don't really care if women get the same payment as men,i mean what difference would it make to me? and i'm okay with some crazy feminists who wanna kill all men and shit,because they won't,and even if they try to start some kinda of feminazi army to kill all men they gonna lose so whatever. i don't see why so many dudes hate on feminists,it makes no difference at all.

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  • People are hating on feminists because the actual woman-haters will find that crazy woman who literally hates all men and pretend that she represents all feminists. They do it because it is a lot easier to do than to actually have a meaningful discussion about rights and wages.

  • You may not care about feminism. And the crowd isn't setting you on fire so I get your lack of apathy. You don't rape women. But you should not advocate raping or low wage obviously. I don't believe in this Nazi ferminism thing either but you don't have to be extreme to be a feminist. Promoting and supporting women's issues like the abuse they face and the diversities they endure is enough to say you are feminist and that you care about women. You don't have to step on this train ride of crazy to believe in these things. It is okay to be a feminist, in general that is.

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