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After a huge row I left the flat me and my boyfriend shared, I didn't let him know when I would be coming back because at that point I didn't even know myself. Anyhow I came back after 11 days, without telling him I was coming back at a time when our flat was empty. The flat was a mess, he had also left my laptop on with Facebook running and I saw that from his fb pretty much all his searches were for girls he barely knew. He had also messaged some girl he barely knew say 'Hey, what's up? I've noticed you're moved to ------ and I also live here. . . ' It's so fucking disrespectful to message another girl you barely know when at the same time you're messaging your girlfriend begging her to come home because you 'can't live without her and you want to marry her and take care of her.' I confronted him and he is so full of shit saying that she was a friend, me and my boyfriend have been together for over 3 years I think I would know by now if she was a' friend' and he's never even mentioned her before. Also when I said that I could message a guy 'friend' to make things even my boyfriend got upset and clingy and stated he 'forbid me' and that 'girls and boys can't be friends and that I shouldn't be trying to make him jealous', fuc*ing double standards eurghhhhhhhh.

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  • Well, guess what? You should ditch him for real.

  • You had a reason for moving out the first time. If you have doubts, leave his sorry ass. For real. Staying with an asshole may be brave, but it is also stupid. Sometimes it's better to be a quitter.

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