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I broke up with my ex partly because I wanted to get away from him and partly because I wanted to get away from his mother. At 26 he was still his momma`s boy. She used to call him several times a day, asking what is he wearing, what he had for lunch and stuff like that. He used to start a lot of his sentences with "My mom says...". He used to tell her everything, including details about our sex life and she always offered unwanted advice. She also used to pressure me a lot into marriage. We were together for 3 years and her logic was that we have to marry, what else are you going to do after 3 years? And he wasn`t exactly husband material. When I dumped him, she called me and cried on the phone, trying to guilt me into taking him back. When I told her I`m definitely not taking him back because he doesn`t treat me right, she called me a whore and hung up.

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  • I feel you, sister. I feel you. Similar situation, only that I had enough after a month. His mother was annoying the living hell out of me, and the guy was as intelligent as a broken brick. BOTH called me - sometimes in the middle of the night - to cry about it and insult me, it was mixed. He wanted to move in with me after a WEEK!!! of dating. Guess both of us learned a lesson for life. May we both find better guys in the future. I hope he and his mother don't call you any more - that phase lastet longer than the actual relationship for me. Crazy weirdos.

  • holy shit,where did you find this kinda of crazy dude? and his creepy mother,damn. you're strong if you kept for 3 years,or desperate

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