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My boyfriend repeatedly brought up marriage and I repeatedly told him I don`t want to get married. When he proposed and I said "no" he yelled that I`m a bitch and I should have said something because he`s now left with the ring... Seriously, some people are oblivious. How could I have made "I don`t want to get married" more clear than it is?

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  • Clearly he wasn't right for you and now you know to move on.

  • Attention, sarcasm ahead: Well, your own fault for not baking a cake and writing it on the icing, hiring a sky-writer and building a huge sign. Guys say it all the time, they're not mind readers. Hell, how can you expect him to realize something you repeatedly told him? Silly OP. (Sarcasm over and out.) Seriously, though, tell him if the ring is that big of an issue, he should just take it back and tell them you said no. At least in Germany that's a really good reason to take an engagement ring back - I work as a goldsmith and jewellery designer with my own store, so I've had quite a few cases and never even hesitated to take a ring back. If you really like him, I hope this doesn't wreck your relationship - though he probably won't ever stop bitching about it. I'm awfully sorry for you. Tell him "Dude - seriously, if you don't want your girl to say no when you propose to her, how about just learning to listen? Maybe, if you weren't so inattentive, she would even have WANTED to marry you. Don't insult her, it's your own damn fault." (You can also mutter "idiot" afterwards, but that's not a must.) I wish you all the best, and maybe, if you tell him something in the future, write it on a brick and throw it at him, just to be sure he remembers. :) (By the way, the last part was sarcasm again. I have to be careful with that, because my sister once nearly drank something poisonous after not getting I was being sarcastic ... yeah, I should work on that.) Good luck.

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