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The stress of losing my job and not being able to find a new one has driven me back into depression. I've been having such money troubles since I lost my job that I started working as an escort to prevent losing my home and having to sleep on the streets with an empty stomach again. I'm terribly ashamed but winter is coming and honestly, I've never had this much money. I made €500 in two days with all together 1,5 hour of "work". Just for the record, I know what I'm doing, I don't need life-advise or lessons on STD/STI's or pregnancy.

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  • That must be hard for you - I read in the comments that you really hate it. But keep your head up. It'll be only temporary. Just take good care if it's illegal in your country. I hope you find a new, well paying job really soon, and I wish you all the best luck and a merry christmas (if you celebrate it. If not, then at least happy new year soon - and if you have a different calendar ... well ... then good luck anyways (: Take care, OP, and stay strong.)

  • you'll be making SERIOUS coin in no time. you can use it to start a business of your own or something if you like. escorts make mad dough. good luck

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