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I don't think friendzone exists. There's 3 possible scenarios: 1. One person has feelings and the other doesn't. You can't have feelings for the same number of people that have feelings for you. And even if you do, you gotta choose only one (if you want a serious relationship) 2. Both have feelings for eachother but are too afraid to show them. It's just so much easier to say "I'm in the frienzone" 3. One person (usualy a woman) is just a bi**h. She sees that someone has feelings for her and just uses and abuses it. They use trust and favours of that person, even though they wan't nothing to do with them. (This one my just fall into category 1)

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  • Why friend zone exist: dey are your friend and know if you get to getter and breake up it whit not get back to how it jused to be and don't wat to lose dat good friend ship dey have (don't hate on my English)

  • You sound like a rape apologist in the making.

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