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To the boy that hidden in the hallway played me as an instrument, who manipulated me, made me love him and then when he saw that he wouldn't have me throw me away, I'm happy that you were once loved, because I can see your future full of disgrace and resentment. To the boy who forced me in that dirty shed, I hope you never find peace. To the idiot who first toke me, I deserved better, I know now. To the poor bastard who claimed that I was just a hole, a big tool doesn't grant a good fuck. To the depressive dull that after seducing me told his friends I had a horrible body, you must be the only one in the world. To the piece of shit that talked so many lies to me after saying "I love you", your fate is sealed with that pathetic piece of humanity you are. To my first love, my disappointment thowards what you really are says it all.

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  • May you find peace and may your road no longer be tough. I wish you luck in finding someone to fill your heart :)

  • You will be the one who experiences beauty and live. Not them, they are list and broken people

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