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i went on a date once and the girl was so naughty,the conversation was flowing and we got kinda drunk,so we started talking some kinky shit right there at the bar,and she kept saying how tight her pussy was and all that,and she grabbed my dick under the table until it was hard and said it was too tick and it wouldn't fit and whatever,then she took me to her apartment,but her mom was home,so she took me to the stairs and we fucked there,turns out she had the most stretched out pussy i ever seen,and she kept saying ''oh yeah baby is it tight how you like it? fuck that tight pussy'' and i was like'',faking'' it,because it wasn't tight at all but i didn't want to make her sad,i mean she was cool to talk to and all. she sucked a MEAN dick too so that made it even.

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  • Lol at least she made up for it.

  • making me cough up a damn lung laughing so hard lol

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