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last year on the first day at school,i was going to seat on the back then a girl called me to the front of the class and all the girls kinda made a circle around me and started introducing themselves and hitting on me,i never had that kind of attention so i didn't knew what to do besides being incredibly happy because a lot of them were hot. well as the year went along turns out they were all incredibly intimidated by me and i couldn't get a girl to go out on a date with me,when i finnaly went out with a girl,the hotest one imho,it was nice,we went out a couple times and she was so naughty,sugesting some kinky stuff and all,then she travelled on the vacation,i think i got too clingy,but she was kinda clingy too so whatever,well when she came back she barely touched me,or looked me in the eyes,she was just incredibly weird and ignoring me,being just plain rude,i had no experience with girls at the time so instead of just dumping her rude ass i stuck around,it was horrible and humiliating. i still get super hard when i think of her but i'm just such a different person from when we first met,i wonder if i should try again or just ignore her existence like i'm doing right now. she gives some hints that she wants me back but i just pretend she's dead or something.

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  • well some hints i guess is not enough. if she gives stronger signal maybe if you want still could try it with her... or just try to forget about her at all.

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