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well to start things i am an idiot and i can't get anything right . 10 months ago i met a girl , i was on one of my lowest moments .back then i only cared about getting drunk to forget my problems but then i met her she was bright and warm it was the first time that i felt that about someone ,she got my attention but i was a stuborn and cold she worked very hard to get me to trust her ,she always tried to help me when i needed she was always smiling even when some things weren't going well for her. She was and still his a strong girl ,that's one of the parts that made me fall in love with her , i started to feel the desire to protect her ,to be the one that stood next to her and the one that would help her when she needed . iniatilly things were doing good, we spend more and more time together and i falled more in love with her but then suddenly things went upside down she got mad at me for something that i didn't did and things started to fall apart until we went different ways . nowadays she is happy i think , she has a boyfriend and she looks happy when i see her but if we pass by each other we are like two strangers but the problem is that i still love her and i want to move on but for some reason i can't i built a wall around me , i am back to how i was but worse and i don't expect much from the future ,i only want to live my life alone without anyone around that's what i think most of the time but behind my shitty attitude i think i only want to be loved and have someone that makes me happy. sorry for bad english ,for the people that will read this thank you for wasting a bit of your time

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  • If you let her go without hesitation then you really didn't loved her. Maybe you just want to find someone to love you and when you meet her you felt good.

  • those confessions are all the same,why you guys write them so long? just say ''i loved a girl but she hates me now,she has a boyfriend and i'm alone'' that kind of shit. because it's all the same,i don't even bother to read them anymore and i 'm pretty sure i guessed right. anyway good luck man

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